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Paper 155_elpub2009:
Metadata Usage Tendencies in Latin American Electronic Journals

id 155_elpub2009
authors Coto, Rolando; Helena Francke, Saray Córdoba
year 2009
title Metadata Usage Tendencies in Latin American Electronic Journals
source ELPUB2009. Rethinking Electronic Publishing: Innovation in Communication Paradigms and Technologies - Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing held in Milano, Italy 10-12 June 2009 / Edited by: Susanna Mornati and Turid Hedlund. ISBN 978-88-6134-326-6, 2009, pp. 311-334
summary The present study investigates the extent to which metadata tags are used in Latin American electronic journals, and whether these journals in fact provide basic information (abstracts, keywords, etc.) that could be tagged as metadata. The authors also studied multilingualism in the marked-up information and in the basic information, particularly the use of English (which can help bring the scientific production of Latin America to a wider audience). In total, 45% of the journals had metadata; the metatags keywords and description were the most commonly used. The inclusion of structured metadata from the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set in the journals was found to be very low, only 13%, and primarily existed in journals from Argentina, Costa Rica, and Brazil. The articles examined did not always include abstracts and keywords (84% and 77% respectively), but in the articles that did have them, English was frequently used (85% in abstracts and 91% in keywords). The element was found to be used deficiently: Only 42% of full text OA articles had their actual title in the <title> tag, which can potentially affect visibility in a search engine results. In sum, the road to marked-up metadata in all journals is still long, and there are great inconsistencies in how metadata are employed and in their content. The authors conclude that there are signs that support and efforts to increase awareness of how metadata can easily be included in a journal’s web site may result in improved metadata and greater visibility.</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>keywords</TH> <TD >Metadata; Scholarly journals; Latin America; Open Access journals; Metadata usage patterns</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT><A HREF="/cgi-bin/works/BrowseTree?field=series&order=AZ">series</A></TH> <TD >ELPUB:2009</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT><A HREF="/cgi-bin/works/BrowseTree?field=type&order=AZ">type</A></TH> <TD >normal paper</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>email</TH> <TD ><A HREF="mailto:rolandocoto%40gmail%2ecom">rolandocoto@gmail.com</A></TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>content</TH> <TD ><A HREF="/data/works/att/155_elpub2009.content.pdf"><IMG ALT="" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=24 WIDTH=24 CLASS=ICON pdf ALIGN=TOP SRC="/woda/icons/default/pdf.gif">file.pdf</A> (309,141 bytes)</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>discussion</TH> <TD >No discussions. <A CLASS=BUTTON HREF=/cgi-bin/forum/Add?replyTo=works%2d155_elpub2009&subject=Metadata%20Usage%20Tendencies%20in%20Latin%20American%20Electronic%20Journals>Post discussion ...</A> </TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>ratings</TH> <TD ><A HREF=/cgi-bin/ratings/Search?search=paper:155_elpub2009>Ratings:</A> 3 <BR> <FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/ratings/Changed"> <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=from VALUE="_anon_965041"> <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=paper VALUE="155_elpub2009"> <SELECT NAME=rating> <OPTION VALUE="1">poor(1) <OPTION VALUE="2">average(2) <OPTION SELECTED VALUE="3">good(3) <OPTION VALUE="4">very good(4) <OPTION VALUE="5">excellent(5) </SELECT> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Rate it!"> </FORM> </TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>urn:nbn</TH> <TD >urn:nbn:se:elpub-155_elpub2009</TD> </TR> <TR CLASS=DATA VALIGN=TOP> <TH ALIGN=RIGHT>last changed</TH> <TD >2009/09/08 17:27</TD> </TR> </TABLE> <!-- WBB{foot;Show} would be here --></DIV> <!-- WBB{pageEnd} not defined --> <DIV CLASS=TOOLBAR> <TABLE WIDTH="100%"><TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="/cgi-bin/works/Home" ><IMG BORDER=0 HEIGHT=24 WIDTH=24 CLASS=ICON SRC="/woda/icons/default/home.gif" ALT="HOME" TITLE="HOME" ></A ><IMG SRC="/woda/icons/default/pixel.gif" ALT="" ><A HREF="/cgi-bin/works/LoginOrRegister?referer=http%3a%2f%2felpub%2escix%2enet%2fcgi%2dbin%2fworks%2fShow%3f155_elpub2009" ><IMG BORDER=0 HEIGHT=24 WIDTH=24 CLASS=ICON SRC="/woda/icons/default/uguest.gif" ALT="LOGIN (you are user _anon_965041 from group guest)" TITLE="LOGIN (you are user _anon_965041 from group guest)" ></A ></TD> <TD ALIGN=CENTER><a href=http://www.openarchives.org><img src=http://iaps.scix.net/img/OAI24.gif style='border: 0px solid #FFF'></a></TD> <TD ALIGN=RIGHT><A HREF="http://www.scix.net/sops.htm" ><IMG CLASS=ICON SRC="http://www.scix.net/img/sops24.gif" ALT="Powered by SciX Open Publishing Services 1.002" TITLE="Powered by SciX Open Publishing Services 1.002" WIDTH=98 HEIGHT=24></A> </TD> </TABLE> </DIV> <!-- WBB{pageFoot} would be here --><A HREF="/cgi-bin/works/Trap"> </A><DIV CLASS=HIDDEN> <CENTER> These pages are best viewed with any standards compliant browser (e.g. <A HREF="http://www.mozilla.org/">Mozilla</A>). </CENTER> </DIV> </BODY> </HTML> <!-- WODA LOG ------------- 0.03: Perl compile overhead Logging with COOKIES as '' Login without userTable Opened /var/www/elpub.scix.net/htdocs/data/works Cookies: Set-Cookie: _user=_anon_965041; path=/; expires=Wed, 1-Jan-2020 23:59:59 GMT table 'users' not defined in WBB{tables} ... we are 'works' ... 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